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Marawi City recent comments:

  • Marawi City Hall Of Justices, hara (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    our home sweet home is situated in front of hall of justice.
  • MSU Integrated Laboratory School, clark (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    I graduated here in 1989 after spending 12 fruitful years in school. That's from kinder to high school. Clark Anthony D. Minoza, Classmate ko si Jose, Omar, Tarhata, Darius, Francis, Rodelio, Eliud, etc.
  • Msu Ised Shs, shyma (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    ISED rocks! I love this school ang I'll never forget it! I'll be leaving this school this March! :(
  • banggolo, walid (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    dito ako namimili ng panzo
  • Msu Ised Shs, taz (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    actually it's not STC's now MSU-ISED-SHS! I'm proud that I graduated from this institution! ISED gradutes are believed to be intelligent, smart, and competitive!:) ISEDians rock!
  • Rajah Solaiman Hall, rashdeeyusoph (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    this is where I was born and raised
  • Bio Chemistry Building, rashdeeyusoph (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    my former college
  • Jamiatul Philippines al-Islamia, Ramil Macawali (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    I finished my high school here (SY 1979-84) and the 1st yr of my Civil Engineering course
  • Antonio Isidro Hall - Administration Building, BONG (guest) wrote 12 years ago: