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Marawi City recent comments:

  • Tau Delta Phi Fraternity, Brader (guest) wrote 2 months ago:
    "He is my brother" not "his"
  • Jamiatul Philippines al-Islamia, Zulqarnain (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    You're still lucky...
  • Msu Ised Shs, Sarifatonesa Saripada (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    I was a student from this institution. Studying here was indeed the best. We got the best academic experience and of course the best high school experience, especially the Promenade Night and the camps! My favorite teachers are Ma'am Barataman, Ma'am Said and Sir Gerrom! They all made my HS life great and fruitful.
  • Ibn Siena Integrated School, Foundation (ISISF) , Jojo Yaya Camar wrote 3 years ago:
    we need information about ibn siena ex: its curriculum itc.
  • Jamiatul Philippines al-Islamia, Shine Armor wrote 3 years ago:
    i having planning to takng my masteral degree here...INSHAALLAH
  • Amai Pak-pak Central Elementary School (APCES), Queenie Almar wrote 4 years ago:
    1986 barkadas grade 6 hows maam haron and sir arthur at industrial arts
  • Amai Pak-pak Central Elementary School (APCES), Queenie Almar wrote 4 years ago:
    me too i also remembered that 1986 when i was grade 6
  • Masjid Abu Bakar Siddique, barakat ali (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    assalamwaalykum wrb may allah find everyone in high sprite in iman n amaal inshallah my bros. in islam i m sorry but i have to ask if any brothers who have done 4months IPB in manila,catobato city marawt cith or anywhere near sarmieto,parang,maguindanao,philippines coz i m comming to parang in feb/20115 inshallah need some contact brothers in 5amaal of masjid contacts like thier phone numbetr/skype id ym i call fisibilallah inshallah n also want know want some muslims in parang to buy muntakhab ahadith n fadial ammal in english n in philippines language asap i m typeing home teleem every 4 days to them help me get contants of brothers barakat from vancouv er canada 604 5005177 skype id lifeisshort1400 waiting asap wasalam wrb
  • Jamiatul Philippines al-Islamia, amr (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Let your kin or kamag-anak to go and see the Registrar office. tell him/her to discuss with for your request.
  • College of Health Sciences Building, sdsdsd (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
  • Msu Ised Shs, DarkA <3 Grayman (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Go ISED !! No one can stop us reaching our goals even those bad comments !! Keep rocking !!<3
  • Ibn Siena Integrated School, Foundation (ISISF) , Mermellah Angni wrote 5 years ago:
    My Beloved ALMA MATER ^_^ been studying here for almost 12 years :) and i'm proud to be an ISISIAN! :D too bad. . . i'll be leaving you soon but i thank you for being part of my life ^_^ Wassalam!
  • Ibn Siena Integrated School, Foundation (ISISF) , Ibn Mohaimen (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    Hi there... is there any official ISISF website?
  • Msu Ised Shs, ARHAMA M. DAGALANGIT (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    Entering at ISED makes you a better future in shaa Allaah. All can i say is, don't think that its difficult to study here. You should think that it's so CHALLENGING.
  • The First Philippines World Tabligh Iztema Area, sahara (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    are none Muslim people allowed in this country?
  • Ibn Siena Integrated School, Foundation (ISISF) , sahara (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    i really want enroll in this school.. but, too bad for me im in the other side of world.. insya Allah i'll get the chance see this school..
  • MSU Integrated Laboratory School, min ho (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    i miss my alma mater..
  • MSU Integrated Laboratory School, AMAZING (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    my alma mater!!
  • Ibn Siena Integrated School, Foundation (ISISF) , Shan17 (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
  • sarimanok, Dagat dagatan, Marawi city, naren (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    wala akong masabi